Dragon Era

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The Characters

There are no second chances. Only now or never. Those are the only lessons I have learned within my long life. It's the only thing I know.. Even though I try to forget the painful past and struggle to see a merciful future, it feels futile in the end since I'll forever be frozen in time.

-Ira Black                                         

Main Character     Theme Song: Shattered by Trading Yesterday 

Age: 5,219 years     Zodiac: Virgo

Other Characters

Until I draw them their own references I'll be typing it--
In the order they're introduced:

Name: Ian Cise

Gender: male

Age: 17 years

Birthday: July 26th

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Species: human

Status: deceased

Class: rider

Owned Dragon: male Gate Dragon named Ace

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 126lbs

Eye Color: sky blue

Hair Color: chestnut brown with a faint shade of red

Personality Traits: quirky, determined, awkward, compassionate. Easily swayed by emotions and easily embarrassed but always believes in himself and the choices he makes. He has a strong aura that makes others drawn to him.

Dragon's Personality Traits & Looks: loyal, protective, gentle. Has gray and white scales with golden eyes and tealish gray wings.

Relationship with Ira: he's in love with her, and hoped to someday marry her and start a family. He's fully aware that she's Hakai but he believes if Ira isn't a bad person then Hakai isn't either.


Name: Fendrel

Gender: male

Age: 25 years

Birthday: October 29th

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Species: dragon

Breed: Golden Dragon

Status: alive

Class: morpher

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 154lbs

Eye Color: emerald

Hair Color: golden blonde

Personality Traits: cocky, hothead, sarcastic, ladykiller. Often uses his charms to get what he desires and sometimes even has a harem around him. Can be a jerk at times and jokes/plays around too much. Admires his handsome appearance too much as well. Also a very sore loser. Though not extremely short-tempered, he can get explosive when angry and even violent. But he's got a hidden affectionate side and very protective. Willing to do anything to keep those precious to him safe. He's surprisingly very good with kids. Children love to play and be around him.

Relationship with Ira: Though he's fully unaware of Ira's long history with his mother and has no memory of the day she saved his life as a hatchling, he's deeply attracted to Ira and tries on a daily basis to get her to feel the same. Though it always fails. He does get a chuckle out of her every now and again. He often hovers and quickly becomes a nuisance to Ira but at the same time she secretly enjoys his presence. Even though he's sexually attracted to her, he has no idea that the dragoness is his godmother.


Name: Ariana Bennett

Gender: female

Age: 13 years

Birthday: March 12th

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Species: human

Status: alive

Class: rider

Owned Dragon: female White Dragon named Opal

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 98lbs

Eye Color: caramel brown

Hair Color: light blonde

Personality Traits: silly, passionate, kind, determined. She often gets carried away and excited too easily. Somewhat scatterbrained acts before thinking. But she's a hard worker and never gives up on any goals she sets for herself.

Dragon's Personality Traits & Looks: playful, protective, attention craver. Has snow white scales and light blue eyes.

Relationship with Ira: Ariana is Ira's apprentice. She teaches Ariana how to fight using a sword. Ariana is determined to learn how to fight to protect Opal and Ira admires that. Ariana considers Ira her master and greatly looks up to her, even if she is a slayer.


Name: Emrick

Gender: male

Age: 26 years

Birthday: September 30th

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Species: dragon

Breed: Blood Dragon

Status: alive

Class: morpher

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 156lbs

Eye Color: scarlet

Hair Color: ruby red

Personality Traits: clever, patient, mature, gentleman. If you were to compare Fendrel to Emrick then Fendrel would be like fire and Emrick would be water. He thinks before acting and tries his best to control his emotions but it's nearly impossible when being around Fendrel who he's constantly butting heads with. He likes to read, and even though his main diet his blood he's good at cooking too.

Relationship with Ira: Like Fendrel, he's very attracted to her. Even though that makes him rivals with Fendrel, he's still determined to win the dragoness's affections. Ira sometimes blushes when he flirts with her. Even though he tries to seduce her he remains a loyal and caring companion for Ira if she ever needs a shoulder to lean on.