Dragon Era

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History & Map

Letha Kingdom's Past

A thousand years ago, for centuries the lands were scorched in fire and blood in both humans and dragons. Wars were raged using the creatures. Until one day the land fell into shadow as if night had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. But it was actually dragon wings that were blocking out the sun's light. A massive, black dragon that's thundering roar could be heard from miles off of the ground and yet still made the earth tremble. Soon after, disasters caused by nature began to happen. Quickly humans grew too frightened to continue to fight and the war was ended. After Letha's lands healed from the scars of war, a kingdom was built upon it. Though it has no king or queen, it has grown massive over the years.


Myth of Hakai

A dragon from legend as old as over thousands of years, a mighty black dragon used to terrorize the kingdom and it's vast land. Standing over 200 meters tall with massive wings capable of stirring up winds strong enough to blow a castle down, the black dragon's name was Hakai. Named after destruction since every time it's screeching roar was heard and it's huge wings were seen in the sky, a natural disaster would accord. A flood. A forest fire. An earthquake. A tornado storm. A drought. Hakai was feared by the entire kingdom. Humanity considered the beast a deity of destruction, a messenger that the world is coming to an end. Eventually there was a bounty put up, one of Hakai's beautiful black scales could be worth a fortune. So many dragon hunters, slayers, and even riders tracked it down to kill it. Ever since then, Hakai  has been seen less and less in the skies until disappearing completely. As well as the disasters. The dragon hasn't been seen or heard for a century. But the citizens of the kingdom still stay indoors at night in fear of it's return.

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