Dragon Era

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The Dragon Era series takes place in medieval times. Though mostly realistic, the only fantasy part is that the world is full of dragons. And they populate the world at the equal amount of humans. The story is about the main character, Ira, as her daily routine life starts to turn more into adventures as she makes more and more friends after a century of loneliness. Ira has been searching for her destiny her entire life. She's a Dragon Slayer but also secretly a Dragon Morpher. Ira is a Night Dragon, a dragon breed said to have gone extinct long ago. This legendary breed are given destinies that determine the fate of the future for the world. Ira thinks she's found her destiny. But is it really the right choice?


The Dragon Era Series

Dragon Era

The original story.

There are 26 chapters to this story.

Dragon Era: Side Stories

Events that the other characters went through outside the main story and told from their PoV.
There are 5 chapters in this story.

Dragon Era: Ira's First Years

The first century of Ira's life in a human body. This is the story that tells how she went from a slayer in training to a legendary swordsman.

There are 2 chapters so far.

Dragons New Era
Dawn of the New Night Dragon
Rise of the Queen

After the death of Ira, a new Night Dragon hatches. A Night Dragon that embraces her powers and takes pride in the dragon race, and sees the world very differently from Ira. With the powers of gods, the dawn of the new Night Dragon will rise as a powerful queen that will rule all. But will she become a queen of compassion and goodwill or ruthless and full of hate?